YFR Complaints Procedure

As an organisation, we strive to ensure that we deliver the best levels of service. However, if you are not happy with the service you have received, you should contact us immediately so that we can investigate your concerns. Our Complaints Procedure is designed to be quick, simple and fair.


If you are unhappy following a visit or interaction with one of our fundraisers, you can register a complaint directly with our complaints department, either verbally or by email – contact information below:

YFR Helpline   01833 600 208



It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible. In your complaint to us, please include the following: If you wish to remain anonymous we will respect your wishes, although this could make it difficult for us to handle the complaint effectively.

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact number
  • A clear description of your complaint
  • Location of incident including postcode
  • Any documentary evidence/description  to support your complaint

We will investigate your complaint in accordance with our internal complaints procedure:

  • Whether your complaint is made verbally or in writing, you will be contacted via phone or email to confirm we have received your complaint and that it is under investigation.
  • You may also be contacted if we require further information.
  • On completion of the investigation into your complaint we will call or email you and set out the findings of the investigation and any further action being taken.

Following this process if you have any further concerns or are unhappy with how we handled the complaint you can contact the Fundraising Regulator here.